Matthew Doliszny
Sales Associate & Relationship Manager / REALTOR®

With an unwavering passion for properties and a commitment to excellence, Matt has successfully worked on numerous high-profile deals, the likes of which having been featured in prestigious publications such as The Globe and Mail. Growing up in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, vibrant cities filled with diverse architectural styles, he was captivated by the way buildings shaped the urban landscape and how they reflected the dreams and aspirations of their owners.

Matt embarked on his real estate career, fueled by a desire to blend his passion for architecture and helping people find their dream homes. As Matt honed his skills, he realized his true calling lay in the realm of luxury real estate. Driven by an innate desire to cater to clients with discerning tastes and high expectations, he set out to create a specialized service tailored to the needs of luxury property buyers and sellers. Matt's dedication to providing an exceptional experience for his clients, combined with his deep knowledge of the market, has presented a deep commitment to client relations. His reputation for professionalism and integrity became synonymous with his name, and he became a trusted advisor for clients seeking the finest properties.

Matt's unwavering commitment to his clients' satisfaction has garnered him accolades and testimonials from both buyers and sellers. His ability to navigate complex negotiations with finesse, his attention to detail, and his dedication to securing the best possible outcomes have earned him the trust and respect of his peers and clients alike.

Matt Doliszny's unwavering passion for luxury real estate, coupled with his dedication to his clients and exceptional market knowledge, has positioned him as a diligent and trusted figure in the industry. Through his skillful negotiation and personalized white glove service, he has played an instrumental role in facilitating deals that have garnered attention from renowned publications such as The Globe and Mail. Matt's journey exemplifies the power of combining passion with expertise, as he continues along his path of redefining the luxury real estate landscape, one remarkable transaction at a time.

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